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Attorney Tom Marks -  Skilled, Qualified, Confident, Trustworthy

DWI Lawyer in Bentonville

Fighting for Your Rights, Freedom & Driving Privileges in Arkansas

Car keys, handcuffs and alcohol - Arkansas DWI Laws

If you've been charged with drunk driving in Arkansas, don't hesitate to seek effective legal representation. To reduce the risk of having your license suspended or facing more serious consequences, you need a reputable DWI lawyer by your side immediately. Marks Law Firm has helped countless clients in the Bentonville area and throughout Northwest Arkansas with their DWI cases. You can trust Attorney Tom Marks to help you, too.

Backed by over seven years of experience, I am deeply familiar with all aspects of Arkansas DWI laws. I can proficiently navigate you through the criminal proceedings as I help you make well-informed decisions about the future. As your Bentonville DUI attorney, I will ensure you are aware of all the long- and short-term consequences of your choices. I have the skill set and experience required to help you fight these serious charges.

Call (479) 202-4541 today to schedule a consultation with a renowned Bentonville DUI lawyer. You can meet with me in a free consultation.

How Many DWIs is a Felony in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, 4 or more DWIs is considered a felony. If you are convicted of a felony DUI, you are facing a four-year license revocation (with no possibility of a restricted license) and the possibility of spending years behind bars.

Marks Law Firm is Committed to Your Success

Attorney Tom Marks has extensive experience working as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer dealing with DWI/DUI cases.

When you reach out to Marks Law Firm, Attorney Tom Marks will:

  • Collect video evidence
  • Investigate the validity of your traffic stop
  • Check on the current status of your license
  • Try to get your charges reduced or dropped

I have established strong professional relationships with many different prosecutors in the area, as well as with many of the local judges. They are well aware of my reputation and my long track record of success. Using a wide variety of innovative case strategies, I work relentlessly to preserve my clients’ driving privileges and reduce the impact of their DWI charges. I can help you, too.

Contact Marks Law Firm now at (479) 202-4541 to speak with a Bentonville DWI lawyer about your case. I am more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

I will always put your best interests first. -  Attorney Tom Marks