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Being charged with a crime while serving in the military is different than being charged as a civilian. These charges can potentially derail your military career, jeopardizing both your finances and your future. Whatever crime you may be charged with, it is important to understand the rules and procedures of military courts as they differ from the workings of other courts.

Common military crimes include those such as:

You should not try to navigate the complexities of the military court systems alone. Hire a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in military law. Contact me, Attorney Tom Marks at Marks Law Firm, for aggressive legal representation to fight the allegations you face.

If you have been charged with a military crime in Arkansas, contact Marks Law Firm now (479) 202-4541.

Effective Legal Defense for Military Crimes

Military officer - military lawyer

Military personnel facing criminal charges typically have more to lose than the average person. Dishonorable discharge, loss of rank, and other disciplinary actions are just a few of the consequences that can result from a military crimes charge; but don’t panic — you have a chance to fight these charges. In order to ensure you are receiving representation that understands the complexities of military court proceedings, you must contact a Bentonville military attorney who is familiar with every aspect of military law.

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With an excellent reputation for going to bat for my clients, as well as my personal relationships with prosecutors throughout the area, I possess both the skills and morals necessary to provide you with personal and trustworthy service. You can rely on me to help you make well-informed decisions as I navigate you throughout the criminal process.

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