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Misdemeanor Lawyer in Bentonville

Providing Effective & Experienced Legal Defense

A misdemeanor is classified as a minor offense which carries less severe consequences than a felony. These consequences can include expensive fines, up to one year in jail, probation, and more. Marks Law Firm has years of experience representing clients charged with misdemeanor offenses. Whether you've been charged with shoplifting, a traffic violation, assault, or anything similar, you can count on the firm’s misdemeanor lawyer in Bentonville to guide you through your case proceedings.

Contact Marks Law Firm now at (479) 202-4541 to schedule a free consultation with a misdemeanor lawyer in Bentonville. As your attorney, I will work relentlessly to achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

I Can Handle All Your Criminal Defense Needs

As a former prosecutor, I am deeply familiar with all aspects of Arkansas criminal law. I developed close professional relationships with many of the local prosecutors during my time working alongside them. I also became well known for in the legal community for my tenacity in the courtroom and my long track record of success. I can use my extensive experience and skill set to protect your rights and fight for your best interests. Also, I can ensure you are well aware of all the potential short- and long-term consequences of your decisions.

In addition to traffic violations, I can help you with the following, and more:

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Contact a Bentonville misdemeanor attorney at Marks Law Firm today to find out what I can do about your charges. During your complimentary initial consultation, I will take a close look at your situation and help you figure out your next best steps for moving forward. You can rely on me to provide you with relentless and proficient advocacy. You can meet with criminal defense Attorney Thomas Marks right away.

I will always put your best interests first. -  Attorney Tom Marks